agosto 11, 2010

Cards with UDD Cupcake Collection

1st Card goes to ACC Challenge #10 by barbie girl
'pinky scrapper Carol Assad'.
And the second Card, together with the first one, goes to UDD Daisy Diaries Blog.
Girls I love the UDD Cupcake Collection, it's a pity that it may not come to Brazil!

Upsy Daisy CupCake Beautiful Palette Collection

1 Huge Hug to each one of you, Julia Sáddi

7 comentários:

Jolanda disse...

Hi,this is a very sweet and lovely card!!!Love the colors and a cupcake is always very nice!!!
Have a lovely day,Jolanda

Kim Sonksen disse...

I am with you on this one Julia - I LOVE the Cupcake collection and I adore what you did with it

rebekah disse...

hey! thanks for the sweet compliment on my page!!

by Carol Assad disse...

Nossa, tô muito chique, uma me chama de DT top model agora virei uma Barbie Girl!!! Quem me dera ter a casa da Barbie, o carro da Barbie... duro mesmo teria que ser ficar com o Ken! rss
Obrigada pelo carinho!
Amei seu cartão!
Bjs mil,

Paty Proença disse...

Ficaram lindos!
A coleção de papéis está linda!

Anônimo disse...

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av無碼性愛 disse...